Backstreets Devils & Dust Readers' Poll
entry deadline: June 15, 2005

Devils & Dust is here! Is it a masterpiece, a let-down, or something in between? What to make of Bruce's return to Tom Joad Country? And of the musical trio of Springsteen, O'Brien and Jordan? And one more question-- is it possible to sum it all up with a bunch of numbers?

Well, let's try. Below you'll find the full track listing for Devils & Dust, with a chance to rate each song individually on a scale from one to ten, and to give ratings as well to the album as a whole and to the DVD content. For the purposes of our poll, 1 = godawful; 10 = perfect.

We also threw in a few extra questions to ponder while we're at it. And if you how you feel about the album can't quite be captured in numbers, there's also a field for reader reviews, where you can feel free to expound at length.

One additional note: There's no rush here, you've got more than a month to form an opinion and even reconsider it a few times. This feels like an album we need to live with for a little while before it all sinks in, and we encourage you to do so. But once you have, be sure to fill out the poll below, and we'll compile and run the results in the Summer issue of Backstreets Magazine, #83.

Poll entry deadline: June 15, 11:59 p.m. Eastern

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Album Track 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1. Devils & Dust
2. All the Way Home
3. Reno
4. Long Time Comin'
5. Black Cowboys
6. Maria's Bed
7. Silver Palomino
8. Jesus Was an Only Son
9. Leah
10. The Hitter
11. All I'm Thinkin' About
12. Matamoros Banks
Devils & Dust album overall
DVD content overall

Favorite DVD performance:

Devils & Dust
Long Time Comin'
All I'm Thinkin' About
Matamoros Banks

Where does the Devils & Dust album rank amongst the Springsteen canon?

Top of the heap
Not his best, but close
Middle of the pack (at least it's new!)
Could be worse...
Bottom of the barrel

How does "Reno" strike you?:

Poignant and beautiful
Candid and frank
Filthy and obscene
Time for a beer break
What's he talking about, Mom?

Which version of "All the Way Home" do you like better?

The version on Devils & Dust
The version on Southside Johnny's Better Days
No preference
I don't know the Southside version

If you had to pick one, what would you say is the "biggest story" of the record?

Experimenting with new vocal styles
Recording with Brendan O'Brien and Steve Jordan
Returning to character-based storytelling
Revisiting previously written material
Adding bonus commentary/video tracks
Writing about Iraq... in some fashion
Using "adult imagery"

[DualDisc purchasers only:] Did you experience any techincal troubles playing the DualDisc?

Yes, the CD side
Yes, the DVD side
Yes, both sides

Review/comments (optional):

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