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Backstreets #91 - Fall/Winter 2013 is our latest issue, printed in late December/early January and mailing out on January 7, 2014. Below we provide information below as a guide to know when you can expect your issue. For those fans who would like faster service (First Class in the U.S./Air Mail outside of the U.S.), we do offer the SuperSub. Otherwise, thanks for your patience as the issue makes its way to your mailbox.

For subscribers current as of December 18, 2013: The new magazine is on its way to you, mailed to you directly from the printer in early January, and should arrive in mailboxes by the early February at the latest. We'd expect you'd have it much sooner than that, but periodicals really can take that long on occasion, whether in the U.S. or overseas. Of course, sometimes things do get lost in the mail -- if February 10 comes and your magazine hasn't, please report a missing issue to or call (919) 968-9466.

Subscribers who signed up or renewed after December 18, 2013: Please allow four to six weeks for the processing of your subscription and the receipt of your first issue (#91). Once your information is in our subscriber database, each subsequent issue will be mailed to you directly from the printers, hot off the presses, for as long as your subscription remains current.

If you're moving, please notify us ASAP of your new mailing address. Even if you have a forwarding address on file with the postal service, you'll need to change it with us directly — the post office is only required to forward Periodicals mail for two months. So if we don't have your current address on file, there's an excellent chance that your quarterly magazine will be destroyed (literally) — and to add insult to injury, the post office will charge us return postage to send the ripped-off cover back to us. You can help us avoid all that by changing your address with us when you have a new one..

E-mail both your OLD and NEW addresses (marked clearly) to Alternately, you can fax your change of address to: (919) 968-9622; call us at (919) 968-9466; or mail your change of address to: Backstreets Subscriber Services, 1818 MLK Jr. Blvd. #300, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

If you've forgotten to notify us of an address change and missed the latest issue as a result, we can still mail another copy to your new address. Our standard charge for a re-send is two dollars, which helps us cover the postage for the reshipping. To request a re-send, just send two dollars along with your address update, and we'll get another copy of the latest issue sent your way. Mail to: Backstreets Subscriber Services, 1818 MLK Jr. Blvd. #300, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Subscribers can renew at any time to ensure continual service and prevent delays. Our once-quarterly publication schedule has become far more sporadic these days, as bears more of the news load, but regular subscriptions are fulfilled by the number of issues rather than by a particular amount of time. So subscribing for one year will guarantee you receive four issues; a two-year subscription gets you 8 issues, etc. So if/when it takes us longer to publish them, you'll still receive four issues per "year" of your subscription.

You can tell the expiration of your current subscription by looking at your mailing label: the "X number" that appears above your name tells you the number of the last issue you’re currently signed up to receive. If your X number is the same as the latest issue number, your subscription has just expired. Renewing at any time simply increases your X number, adding another 4 issues for each year you renew.




Sgt. Roberts is currently signed up to get issues up to and including Backstreets #92; if he receives issue #91, sees his X number, and renews at that time (or very soon after he receives issue #92), he'll be guaranteed uninterrupted service for the issues to follow. Renewing for a year will make him an X096; renewing for two years will make him an X100; renewing for three years will make him an X104.

Unlike most larger, consumer magazines, Backstreets does not have the resources to continually bombard subscribers with renewal mailings, so it really helps if you take note of your expiration issue— and, we hope, renew!

To renew your subscription online, use the Backstreet Records secure shopping cart. We'll receive your order securely and process your renewal. You can combine your subscription order with other Boss items from our online shop.

To pay by check or money order, mail your renewal with payment in U.S. funds to: Backstreets Subscriber Services, 1818 MLK Jr. Blvd. #300, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Current U.S./Canada Rates:
1 year (4 issues): $28 - $7 per issue; save $4 off the cover price
2 years (8 issues): $48 - $6 per issue; save $16 off the cover price;
3 years (12 issues): $66 - $5.50 per issue; save $30 off the cover price

Current Overseas Rates:
1 year (4 issues): $36 - $9 per issue
2 years (8 issues): $64 - $8 per issue; save $8 off the one-year rate
3 years (12 issues): $90 - $7.50 per issue; save $18 off the one-year rate

Years ago—partly due to the demands of our phone hotline, partly to satisfy those supporters who wanted the fastest possible service—Backstreets began a "SuperSubscriber" program. The telephone hotline may be obsolete, but the SuperSub continues.

Our SuperSubs are those hardcore fans who also serve as the supporting members of our magazine. Besides faster shipping for their magazine, SuperSubs get some extra perks in addition to their magazine subscription. At $55 a year ($65 overseas), it's not for everybody—but the first class service alone can be worth its weight in gold when you need your Boss "fix" as soon as possible.

SuperSub benefits include:

  • FIRST CLASS (or AIRMAIL overseas) Subscription to all Backstreets Publications. This subscription includes all issues of not only Backstreets Magazine, but also the Backstreet Records Catalog and Hot Sheets. Backstreets Magazine is sent by bulk mail to regular subscribers, so being a SuperSub means the fastest service. In addition to Backstreets Magazine, Supersubs also receive any and all publications from Backstreet Records, including all catalogs (of Springsteen products available by mail — without the SuperSub, a catalog subscription must be purchased separately) and Hot Sheets (available only to SuperSubs). Our Hot Sheets list additions to the Catalog along with Supersub-only sales. When Backstreet Records comes across limited quantities of collectibles, SuperSubs generally hear about them first.

  • Exclusive SuperSub-only Backstreets Staff T-Shirt. SuperSubs receive our exclusive Backstreets staff t-shirt made especially for them. A new shirt is designed each year or so and sent out to SuperSubs only. These shirts have featured some gorgeous designs, and we've seen them sold for a considerable price on the collectors' market. The Backstreets staff t-shirt, while FREE for SuperSubs, is often not made available at all to the general public. Be sure to let us know your T-shirt size when you subscribe, and we'll make sure you get at least one Staff T-Shirt with your super subscription (depending on when we design them, some lucky SuperSubs wind up with two).

  • Holiday Cards from Backstreets. We send our own Holiday card (and special gifts sometimes, too!) each year to SuperSubs to show our thanks for your support.

  • A free classified ad in each issue. A 20-word ad in each issue — if you choose to take advantage of it, this alone is an $80 value (sorry, no "For Sale" ads in this deal, only trades, wanteds, personals, pen pals, etc).

You can use the Backstreet Records secure shopping cart to sign up online or to renew your current one. If you're a current regular subscriber and you'd like to convert to a SuperSub, we recommend calling us (919-968-9466) so we can give you a pro-rated deal on the remainder of your current subscription. As a SuperSub, you're making an extra contribution that helps to keep us going, so we do our best to provide you with super service. We really appreciate your support!

Current U.S. SuperSub Rates:
1 year: $55

Current Overseas SuperSub Rates:
1 year: $65


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